Hey guys egmaster546 here. I am going to make boss battle guides for KH1(kingdom hearts1) this is NOT A ACTUAL WALKTHROUGH! these are just boss guides got it! anyway lets get started!

I will lay out the bosses like this: NAME (i will also put if they are optional with this O)

HARDNESS (scale from 1-5)

ANNOYINGYNESS (scale from 1-5)

then battle guide

BOSS 1: Darkside



Okay you should be lvl 1. what you want to do is hit his hands or his head to do damage to him if you hit his head you will do more damage to him. You hit him when he sticks his hand into the ground or you can hit his hands while he is up if you are close enough to him. Be caredul when he shoots those homing missile things you don't have block yet so he can hit you from all sides. just dodge those things. The shadows that he makes are not bad. if you are low on health just kill one to get health orbs. after you beat him you should lvl up.

BOSS 2: Wakka (O)



Wakka's main attack is when he throws his blitz balls at you. just dodge them. If you get close to attakcing him towards the end of the he will spin around and hurt you. again dodge or if you think you can do it par his attack. His strongest move is when he jumps in the air and spikes his blitz balls at you. while he jumps in the air move away from him, get out of the way before he says TAKE THIS! and you will avoid it.